Precious Precarious

In 2010 a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake hit an already impoverished Haiti. The country collapsed into a rubble of desperation, loss, and grief. In the days after the initial quake, at least 52 aftershocks, each measuring 4.5 or greater were recorded. The death toll climbed to 300,000 souls lost. 2.3 million people became homeless overnight, as access to clean water and food quickly evaporated. Tragically the effects of this environmental and humanitarian disaster are still devastatingly widespread in Haiti today. This series was painted shortly after the first quake struck and 100% of it's sale (over $2000) was donated to the International Refugee Committee, earmarked specifically to the Haiti recovery effort. The IRC's work with refugees and disaster struck areas is well known and respected in the international community. In your future charitable giving, I ask you to consider donating to the efforts of this critically needed organization. In the places where so much as one person suffers, so do we all.

Thank You, Jocelyn